Amsterdam, 1946

Techniques: graphic and mixed techniques

Has been working in graphics with considerable enthusiasm since 1984. My work is mainly abstract, though with clearly recognizable figurative references.

The subjects are mostly related to the human form and its hidden relationships.

All the images in my work are a reference to the trust and protection in which I grew up. Perhaps this explains why I create a fairytale-like image, one that might also be seen as a metaphor for a carefree world  a world of acceptance, tolerance and happiness.

The symbols that can be recognized refer to important events in a human life, recreated on the canvas and in my graphic art. My work is self-explanatory, which is its purpose. You can view my art however you like, and connect with it on different levels.

The many colours and techniques used give my work a sense of life, of memories, shrouded in a special atmosphere. You can retrace the language, sentences and thoughts in my work, which can be seen as an appeal to acknowledge all that causes such anxiety in our society. But a sense of harmony, understanding and love also converge on the canvas and in my graphics.

In my work I like to combine warm earthy colours with bright colours. For my etchings I use materials such as zinc, aluminium and copper.

The objects I make are consciously created mostly from natural combinations of oil paint, acrylics, gouache and ink.

My work is by, 

Galerie Holland Art in Amsterdam - Maastricht - Galerie Inkt in Den Haag -Galerie Artchoice in Hilversum en Hoofddorp -Kunstuitleen in Hardenberg- Kunstuitleen Zaandam en Haarlem '- Raamsdonkveer-Kodiak Galery in Toronto-Canada en De Rechtbank in Maastricht

Study trips: France, Canada, United States, Mexico, Egypt, Germany and Greece.

The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom William Blake